Show Stopper Wax Products

Show Stopper Wax Products

Get the stuff professionals use.

All Car Wax features Show Stopper Wax Products. Show Stopper waxes and polishes are created with a special blend of the worlds finest carnauba waxes,advanced polymers and cutting edge ingredients. This space age technology has been available only to top professionals and dealerships for 25 years. Now the professional detailing compounds, polishes, waxes, sealants, metal polishes, quick detailers and washes that the pro's call their secret is available to the public.

Good for your vehicle, good for the earth.

All our products are designed with safe, environmentally friendly ingredients.
Our goal is to manufacture exceptional professional detailing products that
really work. Superior shine, ease of use and long lasting results are the
foundation of our business.

Advanced performance with ease.

Our Truck Wax, Truck Detailer, Wash & Wax, Tire Shine, Leather Lotion, Metal Polish and Car Polish are easy to use and very effective. Each product has been field tested to meet the needs of truck and RV owners. Whether its your long haul truck, or conversion our products will provide lasting results. I personally guarantee the quality of all my products.

Larry Schmitz,
Mr. Wax

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